What is Race Bib Tape?

Have you ever arrived at race packet pickup bouncing with excitement?  The atmosphere.  The anticipation.  The fear of one thing...pinning on your race bib.  Instead of stretching and focusing on your race, you end up wasting 15 precious minutes trying to pin your bib on your shirt.  You try once, it isn't straight.  You try again, it bulges in the middle.  You finally call it good enough and hope that the safety pins don't ruin your favorite running shirt.  

Sound familiar?  We have a solution!  Race Bib Tape is a specially formulated double-sided tape that eliminates the need for safety pins.  It safely secures the race bib directly to your clothing.  When you are finished, simply pull on your bib and it will come clean off of your shirt without residue.  Runners everywhere are finding this to be the most light weight and cost effective solution on the market.  Try it out and you will never go back to safety pins again!

How Did It Start?

The idea started the night before a half marathon.  As an avid runner of over 20 years, Tim Porter picked up his race packet earlier that evening and about 10:00 pm he started laying out his gear.  When he pulled out his race bib he realized that it didn’t come with any safety pins.  There he was, 8 hours from his race, and he didn’t have a way to attach his race bib to his shirt.  He spent the next hour looking everywhere for four measly safety pins.  During that hour, he was racking his brain trying to think of any other way.  He finally found three safety pins and called it good enough.  But he never stopped thinking about and looking for the perfect solution to the safety pin fiasco. 

After a short time there, he found the perfect alternative to pinning on race bibs.  It’s a specially formulated double-sided tape that is made to temporarily stick items to fabric.  It is strong, but comes clean off of fabric when you are finished. 

He quickly ordered some race bibs and started testing the tape as soon as they came in.  He was amazed at how easy it was compared to the dreaded safety pins and how well it stuck to his shirt.  When he was finished, he just pulled and it came clean off.  He knew right then that this could revolutionize the way race bibs were worn by runners around the world.