Save the Bib



If you are anything like me, you start getting emotionally attached to the races you run.  For better or for worse, you go to great lengths to remember the details each race you conquer.  So how does Race Bib Tape work for those that want to keep their race bibs for a keepsake?


Once the tape is applied to the race bib, it’s going to be difficult to remove from the bib.  This is great news during the race, because it keeps it right were it needs to be.  But it makes it a little tricky to keep the bib from sticking to things you don’t want it to after the race.  Here is a simple fix:


1.     Keep your race bib secure after the race.  The best way to do this is to either keep it on or pull it off and stick it on another surface, like a bag or an article of clothing you aren’t wearing.

2.     When you are home, put a piece of single-sided tape over the Race Bib Tape to cover up the adhesive.  Once you do this, your bib is as good as new and you are free to save and display your bib like you usually would.  You can also cut out any strip of paper to place over the exposed adhesive.

3.     Depending on how you display your bibs, you might just peel it off your shirt and stick it right into your display case or scrapbook.  There will be plenty of hold left in the tape, so just stick it and leave it.


How do you keep your race bibs after a race?  We would love to check it out!  Send your photos to and we will feature some of your bibs on our blog.